Medical Abnormalities

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A study by Stanford University researchers demonstrated abnormalities in the brains of illness sufferers compared to those of healthy controls.


More than 500 peer-reviewed articles have been published demonstrating a wide variety of physiological abnormalities in patients with “chronic fatigue syndrome” (a broader condition that currently encompasses patients with the more specifically defined condition of myalgic encephalomyelitis).

To read the citations and a brief description of each article, please click on the topic links below.

The full abstract for each article can be easily found by typing the PMID number into the PubMed search engine.

A PDF summary (238 pages) provides the same information presented at the links but in an easily printable format.

Please note that most of the studies presented here focus on “CFS” or “ME/CFS” patients rather than M.E. patients, and therefore that the samples tend to be diluted with individuals who are only mildly ill or who may have totally different conditions.

While many abnormalities obviously have been found even in these broad groups of patients, the few studies that have focused on M.E. patients have almost always demonstrated much more alarming abnormalities with much stronger effect sizes.

A priority for those concerned about this disease thus may be to make certain that more research looking specifically at M.E. patients (especially severely ill M.E. patients) takes place.

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General Issues


Comparison with Other Conditions


Neurological Issues

Brain Abnormalities

Cognitive Impairment


Cardiovascular Issues

Cardiac Issues

Orthostatic Intolerance

Tilt Table Test

Other Cardiovascular Issues


Exercise Issues

Exercise & Activity Intolerance


Mitochondrial Issues

Mitochondrial Issues


Immune Issues

Cytokines & Complement

Natural Killer Cells

Oxidative Stress & Inflammation

Rnase L

Additional Immune Abnormalities



Borna Disease

Coxiella Burnetii




Parvovirus B19

Stealth Virus

Other Infections


Gastrointestinal Issues


Gut Issues


Additional Issues

Cancer Risk


Endocrine System

Gait Issues

Muscle Issues

Pain Issues

Sleep Issues


Symptoms & Labs

Laboratory Abnormalities

Physical Abnormalities

Physical Symptoms


Nutritional Issues



Other Nutrients




Other Genetics


Updated April 4, 2016


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