Julie Rehmeyer


Julie Rehmeyer and her good friend Frances


Julie Rehmeyer is an award-winning math and science journalist who has been very ill with M.E. but who states that she now is mostly recovered subsequent to pursuing mold avoidance.

She has written about the disease on a number of occasions and has given some high-profile talks to scientists about it.

Her memoir about her experiences will be released in May 2017 by Rodale Press. It is called Through the Shadowlands: A Science Writer’s Odyssey into an Illness Science Doesn’t Understand.

The book was named as “One of the Best Memoirs to Read This Month” by the Washington Post in May 2017.


Here is a list of some of her higher-profile articles and presentations.

I Went to the Desert to Die – Rodale Wellness (2017)

Getting It Wrong on CFSThe New York Times (2017)

Bad Science Misled Millions – STAT (2016)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Gets Some RespectDiscover (2015)

Hope for CFS – Slate (2015)

A Disease Doctors Refuse to SeeThe New York Times (2015)

What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?Washington Post (2014)

How the Definition of CFS Keeps ChangingWashington Post (2014)

Medical, Scientific & Journalistic Pitfalls in the Study of ME/CFS – Santa Fe Institute (2014)

David Tuller – The Open Notebook (2012)

Stolen Notebooks and a Biochemist in Chains – Slate (2011)


She also is featured in Dave Asprey’s 2015 film “Moldy” and has participated in a number of other interviews.

Science Radio Cafe – May 17, 2017

Daniel Margolin – May 16, 2017

Intelligent Science, Pt. 2 – Spring 2017

Intelligent Science, Pt. 1 – Spring 2017

American Scientist – May/June 2017

KOB-TV – March 22, 2017

ME Action – March 20, 2017

Health Rising – May 2, 2014


More information can be obtained on her ME-pedia page and on her website.


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