Miriam E. Tucker



Miriam E. Tucker is a medical journalist who began writing about ME and CFS in 2014.

Many of her articles have been published in Medscape, with the goal of educating clinicians about the issues involved.


Biomarker Research Advances in “CFS”Medscape (2016)

Post-Exertion “Crash,” Not Fatigue Per Se, Marks SyndromeMedscape (2016)

Immune-Modulating Agents Eyed for “CFS”Medscape (2016)

With His Son Terribly Ill, A Top Scientist Takes On CFSWashington Post (2015)

CFS Research Gains Funding, and ControversyNPR (2015)

CFS Report: More Research NeededMedscape (2015)

CFS: Immune Alterations Seen EarlyMedscape (2015)

IOM Gives CFS a New Name, DefinitionMedscape (2015)

CFS: Wrong Name, Real IllnessMedscape (2015)

Chronic Fatigue: NIH Literature Review FaultedMedscape (2014)

Does CFS Need a New Name?NPR (2014)


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