ME and CFS Medical Abnormalities – Carnitine Issues


Following is a list of articles about abnormalities in carnitine in ME and CFS.

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Reuter SE, Evans AM. Long-chain acylcarnitine deficiency in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome. Potential involvement of altered carnitine palmitoyltransferase-I activity. J Intern Med. 2010 Dec 22. PMID: 21205027

CFS patients demonstrate disturbance in carnitine homeostasis, possibly reflective of a reduction in carnitine palmitoyltransferase-I (CPT-I) activity.


Jones MG, Goodwin CS, Amjad S, Chalmers RA. Plasma and urinary carnitine and acylcarnitines in chronic fatigue syndrome. Clin Chim Acta. 2005 Oct;360(1-2):173-7. PMID: 15967423

CFS patients did not differ from controls in terms of plasma or urinary total, free or esterified (acyl) carnitine or in renal excretion rates of these compounds.


Kuratsune H, Yamaguti K, Lindh G, Evengard B, Takahashi M, Machii T, Matsumura K, Takaishi J, Kawata S, Långström B, Kanakura Y, Kitani T, Watanabe Y. Low levels of serum acylcarnitine in chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic hepatitis type C, but not seen in other diseases. Int J Mol Med. 1998 Jul;2(1):51-6. PMID: 9854142

A significant decrease in the levels of serum acetylcarnitine was found in patients with CFS.


Plioplys AV, Plioplys S. Serum levels of carnitine in chronic fatigue syndrome: clinical correlates. Neuropsychobiology. 1995;32(3):132-8. PMID: 8544970

CFS patients have statistically significantly lower serum total carnitine, free carnitine and acylcarnitine levels. Higher serum carnitine levels correlated with better functional capacity. These findings may be indicative of mitochondrial dysfunction.


Kuratsune H, Yamaguti K, Takahashi M, Misaki H, Tagawa S, Kitani T. Acylcarnitine deficiency in chronic fatigue syndrome. Clin Infect Dis. 1994 Jan;18 Suppl 1:S62-7. PMID: 8148455

A group of CFS patients had a deficiency of serum acylcarnitine.


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