David Tuller



David Tuller is an experienced journalist who holds a doctorate in public health. Currently, he is the academic coordinator of UC Berkeley’s joint master’s program in public health and journalism. He was a reporter and editor for ten years at the San Francisco Chronicle, served as a health editor at Salon.com, and frequently writes about health issues for The New York Times.

He has been writing about issues related to ME and CFS since 2007, including many articles in The New York Times. 

He also has written some important investigative articles on the disease published through Vincent Racaniello’s Virology Blog – a summary of the ways in which the CDC has mishandled the disease over the years (2011) and a critique of a high-profile series of studies that claimed that exercise therapy could be helpful to those with the disease (2015).

Following are links to some of the most important articles written by David Tuller. Additional links can be found on his ME-pedia page.


Getting It Wrong in CFSThe New York Times (2017)

Worse Than the Disease – Undark (2016)

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Reporter Excoriates CFS StudyCalifornia Magazine (2016)

Trial by Error (Part 3) – Virology Blog (2015)

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Trial by Error (Part 1) – Virology Blog (2015)

How “CFS” Obscures a Serious Illness – BuzzFeed (2014)

CFS and the CDC – Virology Blog (2011)

Defining an Illness is Fodder for DebateThe New York Times (2011)

Learning Firsthand About CFSThe New York Times (2008)

What to Ask About CFS – The New York Times (2008)

Chronic Fatigue No Longer Seen As “Yuppie Flu”The New York Times (2007)


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