ME and CFS Medical Abnormalities – Physical Issues


Following is a list of articles about physical abnormalities  in ME and CFS.

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Chen CS, Lin WM, Yang TY, Chen HJ, Kuo CN, Kao CH. Chronic fatigue syndrome is associated with the risk of fracture: a nationwide cohort study. QJM. 2014 Aug;107(8):635-41. PMID: 24619129

Patients without osteoporosis in a CFS cohort exhibited a 1.16-fold higher risk of fracture than did those in a non-CFS cohort.


Chen CS, Lin WM, Yang TY, Chen HJ, Kuo CN, Kao CH. Chronic fatigue syndrome is associated with the risk of fracture: a nationwide cohort study. QJM. 2014 Mar 13. PMID: 24619129

Researchers used the National Health Insurance Research Database in Taiwan to conduct a prospective cohort study, identifying 3744 patients with a CFS diagnosis and 14,976 patients without CFS. The incidence rate of fracture was higher in the CFS cohort than in the non-CFS cohort.


He J, Hollingsworth KG, Newton JL, Blamire AM. Cerebral vascular control is associated with skeletal muscle pH in chronic fatigue syndrome patients both at rest and during dynamic stimulation. Neuroimage Clin. 2013 Jan 5;2:168-73. PMID: 24179772

The researchers found that cerebral vascular control is closely related to skeletal muscle pH both at rest and after dynamic stimulation in CFS.


Sakudo A, Kuratsune H, Kato YH, Ikuta K. Visible and near-infrared spectra collected from the thumbs of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome for diagnosis. Clin Chim Acta. 2012 Oct 9;413(19-20):1629-32. PMID: 22583968

Visible and near-infrared spectroscopy of the thumb combined with chemometrics analysis may provide a valuable tool for diagnosing CFS.


Newton DJ, Kennedy G, Chan KK, Lang CC, Belch JJ, Khan F. Large and small artery endothelial dysfunction in chronic fatigue syndrome. Int J Cardiol. 2011 Nov 10. PMID: 22078396

Endothelial dysfunction is present in CFS.


Ohashi K, Bleijenberg G, van der Werf S, Prins J, Amaral LA, Natelson BH, Yamamoto Y. Decreased fractal correlation in diurnal physical activity in chronic fatigue syndrome. Methods Inf Med. 2004;43(1):26-9.PMID: 15026831

CFS patients had more abrupt interruptions of voluntary physical activity during diurnal periods in normal daily life, probed by the decreased correlation in the negative modulus maxima of the wavelet-transformed activity data, possibly due to their exaggerated fatigue.


Ash-Bernal R, Wall C 3rd, Komaroff AL, Bell D, Oas JG, Payman RN, Fagioli LR. Vestibular function test anomalies in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome. Acta Otolaryngol. 1995 Jan;115(1):9-17. PMID: 7762393

Researchers performed vestibular function testing performed on 11 CFS patients and concluded that results are more suggestive of central nervous system deficits than of peripheral vestibular disfunction.


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