Mold Avoidance Resources


Erik Camper (2)

Erik Johnson heads into the wilderness in his custom-made, mold-resistant truck camper.


This page provides a list of information resources useful for those individuals who are interested in pursuing mold avoidance.



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Overview Books

The basic mold avoidance instruction manual, written by Lisa Petrison and Erik Johnson. The PDF version is free to those signing up for occasional newsletters on mold avoidance topics from Lisa Petrison/Rabbit Hole.

A Beginner’s Guide to Mold Avoidance (PDF)

A Beginner’s Guide to Mold Avoidance (Kindle)

A Beginner’s Guide to Mold Avoidance Links


A book about the life of Erik Johnson, including information about how he developed his mold avoidance approach. The PDF version is free to those signing up for occasional Paradigm Change newsletters.

Back from the Edge (PDF)

Back from the Edge (Kindle)


A book of writings from 2000-2015 about mold avoidance by Erik Johnson. The PDF download is free.

Erik on Avoidance


Mold avoiders who had experienced substantial health improvements answered questions about the topic in 2013-2014. Free in PDF format.

The Avoiding Mold Archives


A compilation of writings (2010-2011) by Lisa Petrison addressing many questions that individuals with ME or CFS often ask about mold illness and mold avoidance. Free in PDF format.

CFS and Biotoxins: An Introduction



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Overview Videos

A number of mold avoiders shared their stories in Dave Asprey’s movie “Moldy.”

Moldy Movie

Background on the Mold Experts and Patients Featured in Dave Asprey’s Movie “Moldy”


Giles Meehan discussed the basic concepts of mold avoidance in a 15-minute video.

Mould and M.E.: A Different World – Get Well from M.E. 



Overview Articles

A Paradigm Change blog article summarized research on mold avoidance activities and other treatments.

Which Therapies Do Improved Mold Avoiders Believe Helped Them?


A Paradigm Change website page with information about hypersensitivity reactions, suitable for sharing with family and friends.

Mold Hypersensitivity: Guidelines To Help Sufferers Stay Safe


Erik Johnson and Lisa Petrison discussed how mood shifts can be helpful in determining exposures to problematic mold toxins.

The Depression Response


An article on using a pulse test to help to determine when exposures are occurring, written by Lisa Petrison.

Using a Pulse Test to Identify Problematic Foods and Environments


Biohacker Damien Blenkinsopp shared details of the measurement devices he used to gauge his improvements during a trip to the wilderness.

Death Valley Trip


A document discussing safety issues with regard to pursuing mold avoidance.

Mold Avoidance Safety



Karen Housing 3


Corinne Segura described how she built a mold-resistant house and a trailer in her blog.

My Chemical-Free House


Forebearance shared her thoughts on mold-free housing

Mold-Free Home Building Ideas




RV & Camping

Sara Riley Mattson wrote a book about converting a cargo van into a home to use to get out into the wilderness.

Camp Like a Girl

Following in Erik Johnson’s Footsteps

Book Review: Sara Riley Mattson’s “Camp Like a Girl”


Joey Tuan discussed converting a cargo van into a tiny home.

A Toxin-Free Home for $7000 – Heal Click


Instructions on how to make a tent suitable for those with chemical sensitivities.

Kim Goodwin Explains How to Make A Low-Cost, Low-VOC Tent



resized_Living Room


A Paradigm Change blog article on cross-contamination of possessions by Lisa Petrison and Erik Johnson.

The Mold Avoider’s Dilemma: What Should I Do About My Stuff?


Sara Tamames shared details of how she has been dealing with cross-contamination issues.

My Experiments with Mold Avoidance in the Portuguese Countryside



Death Valley Zabriskie Point


A Paradigm Change blog article on outdoor toxins, written by Lisa Petrison and Erik Johnson.

Outdoor Toxins of Particular Relevance to Mold Illness Patients


Giles Meehan shared information about the locations effect in two videos.

Where Are You with M.E. – Get Well From M.E.

Update: Rituximab, Locations Effect – Get Well from M.E.


Michael Crawford on how moving to a good location cured his ME/CFS.

Michael Crawford and the Locations Effect


A page of information about locations on the Paradigm Change site.

The Locations Effect



Erik and Ritchie Shoemaker (2)


Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker discussed Erik Johnson’s mold avoidance approach in a book review.

Book Review: Back from the Edge by Lisa Petrison


Dr. Sarah Myhill discussed mold avoidance on her website.

Mould Sensitivity


Dr. Charles Lapp wrote about mold avoidance in his newsletter.

Mold: Could It Cause or Perpetuate CFS/ME/SEID?



Mold Avoidance Stories

A number of mold avoiders share brief versions of their stories.

How I Survived Toxic Mold


Jill Neimark described pursuing mold avoidance through extended tent camping.

The Camping Cure


Julie Rehmeyer shared her mold avoidance experiences.

What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Constant Vigilance

Medical, Scientific and Journalistic Pitfalls


Kim Goodwin shared her story.

How I Discovered I Was a Mold Warrior

Kim’s Story


Giles Meehan discussed his experiences.

A Different World


Janis Bell shared her experiences.

Am I ‘Allergic to Life’? – Phoenix Rising

Interview with a Toxic Mold Survivor: Dr. Janis Bell

Search for the Cure


James Baber discussed his experiences.

The Hidden Dangers of Toxic Mold


Karen Dean shared her mold avoidance story.

Interview with a Toxic Mold Survivor: Karen Dean


Beatrice Latherings shared her story.

Interview with a Toxic Mold Survivor: Beatrice Latherings


“Resiliently” Rachel shared her story.

Age 24 and Feeling Fantastic


Shemane Nugent shared her family’s mold avoidance experiences and recovery.

Shemane and Ted Nugent


Karri-Leigh Mastrangelo discussed her mold avoidance experiences.

Catching the Killer in Our Home


Kathryn Chastain-Treat wrote a book about her mold avoidance experiences.

Allergic to Life


Steve and Karen Porath provided information on how they burned their house down to address their mold problem.

The Fire Cure


Andrea Fabry and Jennifer Saleem discussed their mold avoidance experiences in an audio interview.

Dangers of Toxic Mold


A patient named Susie shared her mold avoidance experiences.

Extreme Mold Avoidance


Forebearance shared her mold avoidance experiences.

My Mold Avoidance Story



It Takes Time Wedding

Mold Avoidance Blogs

A community blog project curated by Paradigm Change.

Living Clean in a Dirty World


The website of Joseph P. Klein, M.D.

Stachybotrys Website


Andrea Fabry’s blog and website.

It Takes Time



Greg Muske’s blog.

Biotoxin Journey


Khaly Castle’s blog (with contributions by Erik Johnson).

CFS Untied


Jennifer Saleem’s blog.

Hybrid Rasta Mama


A blog from an M.E. patient nicknamed City Changer.




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