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Ana Harris has written many articles about camping out of a Ford Transit van in her blog “Ana Harris Writes.” (Photo Credit: Brett Harris.)


Following is a list of blogs in which patients have shared the details of their own experiences with toxic mold illness and mold avoidance.

Also check out the Paradigm Change and Living Clean in a Dirty World blogs (both presented by Paradigm Change).


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Ana Harris Writes

MCAS sufferer Ana Harris, who is in her mid-twenties, blogs about her travels with her husband for mold-avoidance purposes.

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Better Health Guy

Chronic Lyme patient Scott Forsgren blogs about his recovery, including the importance that addressing mold issues has had for him.

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Beyond Mold: Thriving

Sara Tamames of Portugal discusses her experiences pursuing mold avoidance while living outdoors. A focus is on dealing with the substance commonly referred to be mold avoiders as “Hell Toxin.”

Sara also wrote a Living Clean in a Dirty World blog post, called “My Experiments with Mold Avoidance in the Portuguese Countryside.”

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Biotoxin Recovery

Biotoxin Journey

Construction professional Gregory Muske’s blog focuses on mold avoidance, mold illness treatment and alternative medicine approaches to healing.

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Black Hills Picture Books

Christa Upton – author of the book Building a House for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity – discusses her experiences with avoidance of toxic mold and chemicals, among other topics.

An article about Christa’s mold-resistant, low-tox home (pictured) also was featured on the Living Clean in a Dirty World blog.

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Holly Noonan discussed laundry issues.

Canary To Phoenix

Holly Noonan – who lived in a van in isolated parts of the Southwestern U.S. for an extended period of time before recovering a good part of her health – discusses the practical and spiritual components of mold avoidance in her blog.

The subtitle is “Reclaiming Your Life from CIRS and Cognitive Decline.”

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CFS Untied

Khaly Castle discusses using mold avoidance to help her M.E.; theories about environmental toxicity; and illness politics.

Collaborations with Erik Johnson are included.

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Hybrid Rasta Mama

An established natural living blogger, Jennifer Saleem, learns that her family’s many health problems may be related to a toxic mold problem in their home.

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It Takes Time Wedding

It Takes Time

Andrea Fabry periodically writes about her family’s recovery from a severe mold exposure as part of her natural living blog.

She also writes about toxic mold on her website momsAWARE.

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Journey of Resilience

Discussion of mold avoidance and other issues related to toxin-free living, presented by two sisters named Rebekah and Sarah.

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Little By Little, One Travels Far

Mold avoider Kim Goodwin discusses the improvements that she and her husband made after moving from western Oregon to the southwest desert.

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My Chemical Free House

My Chemical-Free House

Corinne, a building biologist, discusses what she has learned about avoiding mold and toxic chemicals.

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Traveling Pandas

A mom in a family of four discusses how pursuing mold avoidance has helped her children’s PANDAS issues as well as many other health symptoms.

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Additional Blogs


A Cottage Creek Life

A mold illness survivor discusses recovering from her illness in a blog subtitled “Living Simply with Intention, Passion and Purpose.”

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Ampligen 4 M.E.

An ME/CFS patient starts out considering the expensive drug Ampligen, but after regaining much of his health through moving to a good location in a converted cargo trailer decides he doesn’t need it after all.

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Beyond The Mold

Ian and Nikki discuss their toxic mold issues and their life after starting mold avoidance, including information about their experiences living in a trailer and homeschooling their children.

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Easy Safe Free

Easy Safe Free

An ME/CFS patient named Wilson discusses mold avoidance experiences.

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Katys Exposure

Katy’s Exposure

Sharon Noonan Kramer blogs on the topic of exposing health threats and those responsible.

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Mold Blogger

Mold Blogger

Architect Brian Reeves and his wife Krystle blog about construction and housing issues related to mold problems.

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Mold Free Living

A former magazine editor named Catherine discusses approaches that she has found successful in maintaining a mold-free home in order to help address health issues suffered by her husband and child.

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Kelly Tent

My Post-Apocalyptic Life

Chronic Lyme patient Kelly Einbinder discusses her experiences pursuing mold avoidance.

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My Toxic Mold Story Blog

My Toxic Mold Story

A California family shares their own toxic mold story and the stories of others.

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Rachel Running

Resiliently Rachel

A chronic Lyme patient (sick with debilitating symptoms since age 13) discusses the improvements she has made since addressing mold issues.

Rachel’s story also was featured in a post called “Age 24 and Feeling Fantastic” on the Living Clean in a Dirty World blog.

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Updated September 18, 2020