“Black Mold Exposure” Movie Now Streaming on Amazon



The 2009 film “Black Mold Exposure” is now available through streaming video on Amazon.

Those who are Amazon Prime members can watch the film for free. People who are not Amazon Prime members can watch the film for a low cost (as little as 99 cents).

DVD’s of the film are available through the website Modern Life Survivalist.

Following is the description of the film from the website.

Imagine becoming so sensitive to almost everything you’re exposed to daily like common chemicals, furniture, foods, and pollen that it makes you so ill you can’t function. You must isolate yourself from others. You become unable to work, the doctors don’t believe you, and neither does your family. You’re mocked and you struggle daily to maintain your surroundings and health.

Watch this entertaining and shocking film as filmmaker Michael Roland Williams chronicles the agonizing struggle of those who have endured after being exposed to toxic mold. Most are still overwhelmed with debilitating symptoms years after exposure, while doctors, lawmakers, and attorneys take sides and dismiss their claims about black mold symptoms.

“Black Mold Exposure” follows Michael Roland Williams, filmmaker, and Karen Noseff, founder and designer of Fortune Denim, struggling to regain their livelihood and well-being after they were unknowingly exposed to high levels of various molds that had infested Karen’s apartment. The entire 264-unit apartment community was evacuated and closed indefinitely. Michael and Karen claim to have developed allergies and sensitivities to virtually everything, causing them difficulty in finding “safe” housing as well as numerous other bizarre problems that have continued over the last five years.

A growing number of people from all ages and walks of life claim black mold made them ill while physicians, lawmakers, and medical associations dispute the validity of these claims on mold symptoms. Most of the mold symptoms of those claiming illness can be caused by, and diagnosed as, any number of other illnesses. There are no standardized methods to measure what molds, at what exposure levels, over what period of time, might cause any given person to become ill.

“Black Mold Exposure” explores the bizarre illnesses associated with exposure to toxic mold and the film participants’ difficult task of regaining their health and lives in an atmosphere of political and social intolerance and disbelief.

“Black Mold Exposure” is a first-ever look into the lives of those claiming to be ill from mold and the controversial and volatile climate surrounding it.

Katie, a former resident of the Dallas apartment community in which Michael and Karen lived, did not get ill. However, she says her infant son Sam was on numerous medications while living at the community, and one night while being fed he stopped breathing and was rushed to the emergency room.

Melinda Ballard, who won a record 32 million dollar judgment against Farmer’s Insurance, bulldozed her 10,000 square foot home due to toxic mold growth. Dr. David Straus, a microbiologist from Texas Tech University, says when he entered the home prior to its destruction, he became violently ill with vomiting and hearing loss within half an hour.

Due to health concerns his family believes to be toxic mold related, Colin, a secondary school student, has been unable to return to school. He was unable to return without his lip splitting open and bleeding as well as manifesting other symptoms. He’s been home-schooled for the past two years.

Jonathan moved out of his apartment in order to avoid illness. He’s been homeless and living in his car and a tent for over two years.

Two San Diego elementary schools were destroyed and rebuilt after numerous teachers claimed the buildings were making them ill. The school district denies there was ever a black mold problem at the schools.

A limited number of physicians are treating mold illness and mold symptoms from mold exposure, while others believe it’s impossible to become ill from it. Some are writing position papers for medical associations while at the same time being hired by the defense as expert witnesses in mold litigation cases. Laws that have been passed regarding mold are either unfunded or only refer to structural damage and do not address the health issues. Prior to the Hurricane Katrina disaster, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which is the US federal authority on health, had very little information on their website about mold.



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