Mold Illness Discussion Forums


All-metal buildings used as a residence by mold avoider Karen Dean while living in the remote southwestern New Mexico desert.


Following is a list of discussion forums related to the topic of toxic mold illness or mold avoidance.


Mold Avoiders

Mold Avoiders is designed to provide recovery help to those recovering from mold-related illness through the approach discussed in the book A Beginner’s Guide to Mold Avoidance (writtenby Lisa Petrison and Erik Johnson).

Mold Avoiders is a spin-off from Paradigm Change and is run by Lisa Petrison.

The Mold Avoiders standalone forum is designed for discussion of questions about mold avoidance and adjunctive healing therapies.

While anyone may sign up to read most of the content on the forum, only those who have done the required reading and filled out a participation application may post or comment in the forum.

The Mold Avoiders Facebook group is designed for casual conversation on topics of interest to those pursuing the approach discussed in the book A Beginner’s Guide to Mold Avoidance. Included are discussions of new articles/videos on relevant subjects; participant photos and stories; and member polls.

Questions about mold avoidance and other therapies may be posted only in the standalone forum rather than the Facebook group, however.

The Mold Avoiders website provides information about participating in the forums as well as additional information about pursuing mold avoidance.


Mold Avoiders Forum

Mold Avoiders Facebook Group

Mold Avoiders Participation Approval

Mold Avoiders Rules

Mold Avoiders Website



Following are some additional Facebook groups that have the stated mission of discussing issues related to the approach to mold avoidance pioneered by Erik Johnson and summarized in the book A Beginner’s Guide to Mold Avoidance.

Note that some groups in this section have been granted permission by Paradigm Change to use the Mold Avoiders name but are not run by Lisa Petrison.


Biotoxin Avoidance for Severe ME/CFS

This group exists to explore the application of Erik Johnson style mold avoidance or biotoxin evasion strategies to the lives of those who have the severe form of ME/CFS. In particular, it seeks to support patients and their caregivers in attempting to apply mold avoidance strategies to the lives of those who are housebound, bedbound and in wheelchairs.


Location Effects in the Caribbean and Worldwide

A group for those interested in visiting or moving to good locations in the Caribbean or elsewhere.


Mold Avoiders Mighty Oaks

A group offering emotional, physical and cognitive support to those who are moldies but are married or in a relationships with a non-Moldie, and who are pursuing the approach discussed in the book A Beginner’s Guide to Mold Avoidance.


Mold Avoiders On The Road To Recovery Camping & RV’ing

Individuals pursuing mold avoidance share information on living or spending time RV’ing or tent camping. The focus is on the approach to mold avoidance discussed in the book A Beginner’s Guide to Mold Avoidance.


Mold Factor

A group sharing the views, thoughts and theories of Erik Johnson, in his words. The purpose of the group is to rectify and simplify the process of understanding and dealing with mold, its effects and the exposures that people encounter that make them sick.


Practical Mold Avoidance

A group for those pursuing Erik Johnson style mold avoidance. The book A Beginner’s Guide to Mold Avoidance is required reading.


Research and Discussion Group for HT Affected Persons

An advanced group for those who have significant experience with the problem that has been referred to as “Hell Toxin.” This group is currently archived and not open to new members.


RV’s For Mold Avoidance

This group is exclusively dedicated to discussion of ready-built RV brands that are believed to be useful for mold avoidance purposes. Discussion of custom-built or cargo trailer conversions is not appropriate for this group. The group is also not for discussion of health or healing.


The Erik Johnson Effect

This group focuses on issues of interest to mold avoidance pioneer Erik Johnson, including the role played by mold toxins in chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), the ignoring by researchers of the initial history of CFS, and the prospective future of mold-related illness.




Healing Mold, Lyme CIRS, MCS and Biotoxin Illness Support

A group with the goal of allowing patients to compare treatment experiences.


Surviving Toxic Mold

A support and educational group for those affected by toxic mold, focused on natural healing approaches. The owner of the group is Jennifer Cannon.


Toxic Mold, CIRS and Lyme Disease Support Group

A group focused on discussing the Shoemaker protocol and other therapies for mold-related illness.


Toxic Mold – Rediscovering Health & Wellness

Discussion of a wide variety of therapies for toxic mold illness and related conditions.


Toxic Mold Support Group

A support and discussion group for those injured by toxic mold. The owner of the group is Dr. Mary Short-Ray.


Toxic Mold Symptoms

A group focusing on recovery from illnesses associated with toxic mold exposures.




Advocacy Toxic Mold Victims

Societal factors facing mold sufferers.


Better Together

A group on recovering from chronic illness with a strong mold avoidance focus.


Biotoxin CIRS Support

A group for sharing and discussing information about biotoxin illness.


Black Mold Kills

A group discussing the dangers of Stachybotrys (also known as black mold).


Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome 

Discussion of biotoxin illness, Lyme and mold.


Divinely Toxic – Mycotoxins, Mold and You

Discussion of mold-related issues.


Faces of Toxic Mold

Support group for those affected by toxic mold.


Health Mysteries: Mold, Oxalates, Autism, Metal Dysregulation, Candida

A group for people dealing with difficult-to-treat chronic illness issues.


Living Above Mold, Lyme and Biotoxin Illness

A group on sharing inspiration, encouragement and emotional support for those struggling with biotoxin illness.


Mold 911

Helping individual mold sufferers to cope with their illness.


Mold Help

A group providing answers to mold-related questions.


Mold Sensitivity Awareness by NTSG

A group focused on identifying and sharing information to combat the environmental disease of CIRS.


Mold Warriors United

A mold group focused on mold awareness and education, in memory of suicide victim Jared Dussault.


Mould, Mycotoxin, Indoor Air & Human Health

A group providing up-to-date information on the effects of mold on human health.


Sick Building Syndrome

Group to raise awareness of the dangers of moldy buildings.


Surviving Mold Illness

A group for mold illness sufferers.


Toxic Black Mold Support Group

A support group for those dealing with mold-related illness.


Toxic Mold Illness for Dummies 101

Basic information for those afflicted with mold illness.


Toxic Mold, Lyme, CIRS & Biotoxin Illness

A group focused on healing from chronic mold-related illnesses.


Toxic Mold Supertramps

Discussion from mold sufferers.




All Things Mold

Discussion group with emphasis on problems faced by those affected by Hurricane Sandy.


Baldies Moldies

Be bold, be bald, be a baldie moldie!


Biotoxin Resources

A group for sharing and discussing science-based articles about mold/biotoxin illness.


Christian Holy Spirit Guided Biotoxin Support Group

A group for Christians to encourage one another in the Holy Spirit.


Dancing with Biotoxins

A group exploring the psychospiritual aspects of biotoxin illness.


Kids with Toxic Mold and/or Lyme Exposure

A group for parents of children with toxic mold or Lyme issues.


Mold and Chemical Sensitivity Lifestyle

A group for individuals focused on using brain retraining techniques in order to attempt to reduce environmental sensitivities.


Mold Recovery for Family and Kids

A group for parents or caregivers dealing with mold-related issues.


Mold Recovery Bible Study & Community

An online community to study the Word of God and to pray for and support one another during the recovery process.


Moms Against Mold

A group for mothers who are determined to ensure that their children have a mold-free environment in which to live, learn and grow.


Toxic Mold and Pets

A group for those with pets affected by mold issues.


Housing-Oriented FACEBOOK Groups


Avoiding Water Damage, Mold, Toxins

A group for sharing science-based information and discussion regarding water-damaged buildings.


Full-Time RV Families Healing From Mold

This is a group for parents and caregivers whose families became sick from mold exposure, and who are living in (or contemplating moving to) an RV or camping trailer as a safe environment to heal.


Housing for Recovery from Environmental/Biotoxin Illness and ME/CFS

A group with the goal of setting up a non-profit foundation to provide housing for those with hyperreactivities to toxic mold and other substances.


If I Can Tolerate The Building….

A group focusing on participants’ inability to find tolerable buildings due to their environmental illness.


MCS Tiny House

A group about building tiny houses for those with MCS and mold sensitivity.


Mold Free Home Remediation

A discussion group related to safety, cleaning, remediation and maintenance of buildings.


Mold Free Housing

A group designed to share information and resources on building housing that will not acquire mold growth.


Moldies Finding Home

A group for individuals and families with mold illness who are searching for safer housing as well as for those who are able to provide this type of housing.


Mold Safe Cargo Trailer Conversion Brainstormers

A group that discusses details of trailer choice, caulking, flooring, insulation, windows, wall coverings, insulation and plumbing.


Mold-Safe Housing

Discussion of living environments for those hyperreactive to toxic mold.


Non-Organic Homes

A group discussing housing appropriate for mold-reactive individuals.


Regional FACEBOOK GroupS

Note that some groups in this section have been granted permission by Paradigm Change to use the Mold Avoiders name but are not run by Lisa Petrison.


Arizona Mold Group

A group for people in Arizona who have been impacted by mold exposure.


Denver Area Mold Illness Information and Support

A group of mold illness victims living in the Denver area.


EI Canada – MCS, Mould, EHS & Environmental Sensitivities

A group for people from Canada dealing with environmental illness issues.


L.A. Moldies

A group for Moldies living in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.


Las Vegas Mold Warriors

A group for people to share information about safe or moldy buildings, areas in Las Vegas, businesses, restaurants, shops, museums, movie theaters, housing, doctors, and local remediators.


Mid-Atlantic Mold Illness Support

A group of mold illness victims living in Washington, D.C., and surrounding areas.


Mitten State Moldies

Michigan residents share information about mold illness resources.


Mold Avoiders Europe

A support group for people living in Europe and practicing mold avoidance as described in the book A Beginner’s Guide to Mold Avoidance. (This group is currently in archived status.)


Mould Avoiders Australia

A group for individuals in Australia who are following the approach discussed in the book A Beginner’s Guide to Mold Avoidance.


Mould Avoiders New Zealand

A group of mold illness victims in New Zealand who are following the approach discussed in the book A Beginner’s Guide to Mold Avoidance.


Mycotoxins from Mold in Ohio

A group for those with mold-related illness from the Ohio area.


Pittsburgh Area Mold Support 

A group about mold illness for those from the Pittsburgh area.


SoCal EI

Group for those with mold illness and environmental illness living in Southern California.


Texas Indoor Mold Harvey Aftermath

A group for those dealing with cleanup issues related to Hurricane Harvey.


Toxic Mold Avoidance in New England

A group for individuals living in New England and pursuing mold avoidance.


Toxic Mold Avoidance Southeast

A group for people living with chemical, environmental or mold illness in the southeast U.S.


Toxic Mould Illness Support Australia

A group for Australian mold illness victims.


Tucson Mold Warriors

A group for toxic mold survivors around Tucson.




My Patient Match

A forum for those with chronic neuroimmune illness, including some mold avoidance discussions.


Phoenix Rising: Addressing Biotoxin, Chemical & Food Sensitivities

A section of the ME/CFS website devoted to sensitivities to toxic mold and other substances.


Planet Thrive

Online community of individuals suffering from environmental illness.


Karen Dean’s metal buildings in southwestern New Mexico, shown during the day.


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