Flooding in Texas Creates Mold Hazard


Texas 1


In late May 2015, the southern part of Texas near Houston was hit with devastating flooding.

Other parts of the U.S. and Canada also recently have been hit with flooding events.

As expected, many buildings affected by these floods are now being reported to have dangerous toxic mold problems that need to be properly remediated.

The pictures on this page are from an apartment building in Houston that was heavily hit by the flooding. The managers have been telling residents that it is safe to move back into the building.

Mold in general is dangerous and mold that looks like this is especially dangerous (since it may be Stachybotrys or “black mold”).

Mold needs to be cleaned up properly by people using professional remediation techniques before anyone reoccupies water-damaged buildings where mold is growing, in order to prevent people from becoming seriously ill as a result.

For information on proper cleanup of buildings hit by flooding, take a look at the Flooding & Water Events page on the Paradigm Change site.


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Houston Flood Waters

Flooding in Houston in May 2015.