Suzanne Somers on Toxic Mold


Suzanne Somers


Best-selling health author and actress Suzanne Somers discusses the topic of toxic mold in an in-depth way in her new book, Tox-Sick.

Suzanne and her husband both became very ill after they moved into a rental house that turned out to be filled with Stachybotrys. Her husband experienced severe neurological symptoms, and Suzanne acquired a severe case of the fungal infection Valley Fever (misdiagnosed as cancer).

Later, her teenage granddaughter became very ill with toxic mold poisoning and Lyme disease (which Suzanne suggests was downstream from the immune problems caused by the mold exposure and other toxicity).

Now, away from the mold exposures and after an extended period of intensive detox, all three are doing well, she reports.

Mold expert Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, M.D., is interviewed at length in the book.

Suzanne previously shared an online bonus chapter about mold for her book Bombshell and also later blogged about the dangers of toxic mold subsequent to Hurricane Sandy.

The new book is for sale on Amazon and elsewhere.

A free long preview is available.


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