ME/CFS Patient Lissa Nilsson Shares Her Mold Story on Health Rising


September 26, 2017

ME/CFS patient and mold avoider Lissa Nilsson discusses the challenges that she and her husband faced after finding that their home had a major toxic mold problem in a new Health Rising blog article.

The article is called “M.E., My Mold, and I….A Story of ME/CFS & Toxic Mold.”

Part of the article reads as follows:

We, in good faith, were going about our lives as homeowners, upgrading the property and house in reasonable DIY increments — all the while getting sicker from the hidden mold. It’s crazy making to think we may lose what we thought was our dream home because of other people’s negligence…. and to have no recourse!! We feel like lost souls without a clue how to solve this.

Did I mention that insurance doesn’t cover a penny?!  What about IRS – catastrophic loss?!  NOPE.  Same response as the insurance company… a “slow” issue is YOUR problem.  Not only that – the statute of limitations ran out 6 months prior to exposing the toxic mold, so supposedly we have no recourse through the court system either.  Even using the “discovery rule”, no lawyers have been willing to take our case on contingency.  We can’t afford to put our house back together, let alone pay a legal team out of pocket.

UGH. So, special thanks goes to the incompetent builder, the seller who lied about mold, and the state of Vermont for not having any building codes. Oh, and a very special kind of thank you for home insurance, the bastards that write the clauses to exclude mold, making sure there is no help to be found.

In any case, we both improved after leaving the house and moving to the (first) apartment.  I seem to have had the most significant gains overall.  Although David feels somewhat better too, he was more compromised by his acute exposure and he also happens to have the double whammy HLA genetics.  Unfortunately, because we are super sensitized now, and still being exposed – even at minute levels, we are both still struggling to make better progress.


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