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September 10, 2016

Australian physician Dr. Sandeep Gupta is offering a new online course providing a comprehensive introduction to mold illness issues, called Mold Illness Made Simple.

The program starts with a free one-hour webinar in which Dr. Gupta will outline the basics of chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS), provide details on the course, and answer questions.

It will take place on September 22 in the US (September 23 in Australia).

The course itself will start on October 13 and will include the following chapters:

*  Introducing Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS)
*  What is the Mechanism of CIRS?
*  What is a Water-Damaged Building?
*  Could I Be Living in a Water-Damaged Building?
*  Is My Water-Damaged Building Affecting My Health?
*  Treating My Home for Water Damage
*  Ensuring I Am Out of Mold
*  Do I Have CIRS?
*  How Do I Find A Shoemaker-Certified Health Professional?
*  What Are the Steps of the CIRS Treatment Protocol?
*  Other Causes of Biotoxin Exposure
*  More About Lyme-Like Illness
*  Using Binders to Eliminate Biotoxins
*  Eliminating MARCoNS
*  VIP Spray
*  Correcting Antibodies, Hormones and ADH
*  Correcting MMP9, VEGF, C3a, C4a, TGF-b1
*  Blocks in Progressing Through the Protocol
*  Mold Avoidance

The cost for the course will be $199 (USD), but webinar participants will receive a substantial discount on the overall program as well as a free sample chapter.

Free material related to the course will also be available on the new Mold Illness Made Simple blog.

Dr. Gupta is a Shoemaker certified physician who was highly rated in the 2016 Paradigm Change Practitioners Poll of mold group participants.



Dr. Sandeep Gupta


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