Information on the “Hi Tech Air Solutions” Machine


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This page provides information from patients and others in the mold community about the Hi Tech Air Solutions machine, so that those considering purchasing the product can learn more about it.



Comments from Lisa Petrison


Open Letter from Lisa Petrison – April 23, 2015





My Chemical-Free House – June 2017


Comment by Michael Pinto, Mold Sensitized


Straightforward Wisconsin – April 29, 2015



Legal Documents


Lawsuit Filed by Hi Tech Air Solutions against Carl Grimes and Healthy Habitats


Letter from Hi Tech Air Solutions’ Attorney to Carl Grimes


Letter from Hi Tech Air Solutions to Sandy Wolfe



Petition to Hi Tech Owners


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Regarding Contributions to this Page

This page is designed to share the following types of information:  1) reports about experiences with the machine from those who have used it; 2) discussion of the science of the machine; 3) observations about the company’s business practices; 4) personal opinions about whether the machine appears to be a good investment for those suffering from mold hypersensitivity or mold illness issues; and 5) other factual information of potential relevance to those considering the purchase of this product.

“Hi Tech Air Solutions” will be afforded the opportunity to respond to each comment posted on this page in statements of their own, if they choose.

Materials linked on this page need to include the names of contributors. To submit a document for consideration, please contact Lisa Petrison at

Note that this page is providing a forum for individuals to make comments, just as the many Facebook groups and other Internet forums allow individuals to make comments. Paradigm Change takes no responsibility for verifying the accuracy of the statements provided in these individuals’ comments.

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