Mold Avoiders Group FAQ’s – Finding Mold Professionals


Following are some Q&A’s on finding mold professionals by Lisa Petrison (executive director of Paradigm Change and owner of the Mold Avoiders group).


Q. How can I find a mold-oriented doctor in my area? How about an environmental professional?

Paradigm Change provides lists of medical professionals and environmental professionals who have received positive comments from patients.

A Paradigm Change blog article called “Which Practitioners Do Mold Group Participants Believe Helped Them?” provides further information on practitioners.

The Paradigm Change website page “Clinical Treatment of Mold Illness” links to information sources providing information from practitioners.

Note that I am not recommending that people actually consult with or hire any of these professionals. The information is provided only as a starting point for people to begin to consider which professionals might be appropriate and then to do their own due diligence.


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