Mold Avoiders Group FAQ’s – Healing Therapies


Following are some Q&A’s on healing therapies by Lisa Petrison (executive director of Paradigm Change and owner of the Mold Avoiders group).


Q. I am interested in buying an ionic detox footbath. What should I know?

Over the past year, numerous people in the Mold Avoiders group have reported on their experiences with ionic detox footbaths. This is discussed in poll results in a Living Clean blog post.

In the past, ionic detox footbaths that have been reported to be helpful to people with chronic illnesses have been very expensive, costing $2000 or more. One such product reported to be helpful by certain people in the autism community is Ion Cleanse, for instance.

Although some members of the Mold Avoiders group have purchased the Ion Cleanse unit, many others have purchased one called the Ionize Me. While this machine is about the same strength as the Ion Cleanse unit, it costs less than $300. (It also is a more basic machine with fewer extra features.)

A problem that a few group members have had is in getting Ionize Me machines that were contaminated with particularly problematic toxins. This appears to have been due to the company accepting returns and then sending out the returned units to other users. Because it has been a while since I have heard of this happening with anyone purchasing through Amazon, I am hoping that this issue has been resolved. My suggestion is that people purchase the machine through Amazon so as to be covered by Amazon’s return policy, rather than purchasing directly from the manufacturer.

Numerous discussions of ionic footbaths have taken place in the Mold Avoiders group in the past, and some of these discussions are preserved in the archives of the Mold Avoiders group. Reading this section of the archives would be a good starting place for those interesting in learning about the footbaths.

Note that in the past, there have been some periodic comments in the group suggesting the idea that these footbaths are a “scam.” While I am not unwilling to discuss issues of science with regard to these machines, I am disinclined to repeat the same discussion over and over again in the group. I thus am requiring that before this topic is discussed in the group again that those bringing it up have read all the threads in the ionic footbath section in the archives, so that any discussion that occurs is a better use of everyone’s time.


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