Book Review: Andrea Fabry’s “Is Your House Making You Sick?”



March 31, 2016

By Lisa Petrison
Mold survivor and established health blogger Andrea Fabry has just released a new book on issues relevant to those just learning about the basics of environmental mold problems.

The title is  “Is Your House Making You Sick? A Beginner’s Guide to Toxic Mold.”

I think this is a terrific resource for people starting out – going over the basics of dealing with mold issues in a factual, credible manner.

Chapters include:

* First steps
* Surface mold
* Water intrusion
* Mold remediation
* Cross-contamination
* Medical testing
* Detoxing
* When others don’t understand
* Legal recourse
* Your next home
* Hope after mold
* Our family’s story
* Resources

It’s 85 pages long (with large type) so that people can get through it fast.

Andrea seems to have made the interesting decision to make the book available just in paperback rather than electronic form.

Upon reflection, I don’t think that is a bad idea. Because I think that the primary use of this book is to hand to others (such as family members, friends, colleagues, teachers and the like) to force them to consider the issue.

Information that is just “on the Internet” often tends to be dismissed, and it is harder to disregard something that is sitting on your desk than it is something on your computer. So I can see a real use for the book.

I feel really good about the substance of the book. Andrea summarizes all the issues important to those dealing with this illness in a way that is believable and understandable.

The thing that I am happiest about is that the book includes the idea that even if homes are properly remediated, that does not mean that ill people will be able to continue to live in them.

The only thing in the whole book that I have a slight concern about is that although Andrea does bring up the downsides of pursuing legal recourse, she seems to be a little more optimistic that it might be appropriate in a minority of cases than I am. But that is a very minor quibble, and perhaps in the future more cases will be successful anyway.

The main professional resource for the book is Dr. Jack Thrasher, a toxicologist. But the work of other mold experts – including Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker – is well-represented in it.

So for those who want to purchase a book to hand to others to encourage them to understand this phenomenon, this is a great option.

It is priced at $9.99 and available on Amazon (with free Prime shipping).

Large amounts of free information from Andrea (a professional journalist, certified Building Biology Practitioner and mother of nine) is available on her toxicity-oriented website momsAWARE and her natural living blog It Takes Time.

Note that although I have collaborated with Andrea on projects such as the “How I Survived Toxic Mold” collection of stories (on the Paradigm Change and momsAWARE websites), I am not being compensated in any way for sharing information about the book, of course.

I just think it’s a really good new resource.


Addendum 5/1/16: The book is now also available for Amazon Kindle ($7.99).




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