Health Effects of Moldy Buildings – Environmentally Acquired Infections



This page lists medical journal articles discussing the relationship between environmentally acquired infections and moldy buildings.

The Health Effects of Moldy Buildings page of the Paradigm Change site provides further information on this topic.


Pokala HR, Leonard D, Cox J, Metcalf P, McClay J, Siegel J, Winick N. Association of hospital construction with the development of healthcare associated environmental mold infections (HAEMI) in pediatric patients with leukemia. Pediatr Blood Cancer. 2014 Feb;61(2):276-80. PMID: 23970381

Healthcare associated mold infections (HAEMI) increase morbidity and mortality in children with leukemia. Excavation adjacent to Children’s Medical Center Dallas (CMCD) April 2006-February 2007 provided an opportunity to determine if excavation adjacent to a hospital building is associated with increased risk of developing HAEMI in children receiving intensive chemotherapy for acute leukemia. This study demonstrated an association between exposure to hospital construction that includes excavation and HAEMI in pediatric oncology patients. Since neutropenic patients need protection from aerosolized fungal spores during visits to expanding medical centers, preventive strategies with adherence monitoring need additional study.


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