RIP To Muhammad Ali


Muhammad Ali


June 5, 2016

By Lisa Petrison, Ph.D.

Muhammad Ali – who once sued the individuals who sold him a moldy home – died of respiratory issues associated with his Parkinson’s disease on June 3, 2016.

Ali and his wife purchased the house in Louisville, KY, in 2006.  Five years later, they sued the people who built and then sold them the home, stating in the lawsuit that it had “roof and chimney leaks, mold, poor insulation and improper connection of a main waterline.”

The story was covered in 2011 by the local Louisville television station WDRB and by CBS News.

Respiratory issues are a conventionally accepted possible consequence of mold exposures. In addition, some high-profile scientific research suggests that certain kinds of mold exposures also can result in Parkinson’s like symptoms.

Whether Ali’s health issues and death were related to the mold exposures he endured during the five years that he lived in the problematic home is unknown.


Muhammad Ali


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