Jen Brea’s Award-Winning ME/CFS Film “Unrest” Discusses Mold Avoidance Issues


Jen Brea with her husband, Omar Wasow. Photo Credit: Maarten de Boer/Getty Images/Sunday Times.

January 18, 2018

Jennifer Brea was a Ph.D. student at Harvard University in 2012 when she was struck down with a flu that left her bedridden and experiencing a wide variety of very severe symptoms. Unable to leave her home, she began filming her own experiences as well as her conversations by Skype with other patients.

Her resulting movie, “Unrest,” premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, where it won a special jury prize for editing. It was released in theaters in Fall 2017 and aired on PBS in January 2018.

The film currently may be viewed on Netflix, Amazon and iTunes as well as through other outlets.

“Unrest” depicts some of Brea’s mold avoidance efforts, including experiencing improvements during a mold avoidance sabbatical in Utah and setting up a tent in her backyard at home.

A transcript of the section about mold avoidance from the film is on a separate page of the Paradigm Change website.

The film has received a great deal of media coverage, some of which has mentioned mold avoidance.

For instance, a Sunday Times article from the UK states the following about Jen Brea’s experiences:

After conducting hundreds of experiments on herself, focusing on diet and environmental factors, she found that reducing her exposure to mould improved how she felt. She eventually took the radical decision to move from the east coast of the US to Los Angeles in search of drier air. Wasow shuttles between California and his job in New Jersey.


Brea also was featured in a TED talk that has received more than a million views.

While she is not recovered from her illness, she is no longer housebound and toured internationally with the film subsequent to pursuing a number of different treatments, including the use of an antiviral and careful avoidance of environmental mold toxins.


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