Reeves/CDC Letter – Response to Buchwald et al 1992


This comment from William C. Reeves, Philip E. Pellett and Howard Gary Jr. of the Centers for Disease Control was published in the Letters section of the Annals of Internal Medicine on August 15, 1992, as a response to the following paper.


Buchwald D, Cheney PR, Peterson DL, Henry B, Wormsley SB, Geiger A, Ablashi DV, Salahuddin SZ, Saxinger C, Biddle R, Kikinis R, Jolesz FA, Folks T, Balachandran N, Peter JB, Gallo RC, Komaroff AL. A chronic illness characterized by fatigue, neurologic and immunologic disorders, and active human herpesvirus type 6 infection. Annals of Internal Medicine, 116 (2), 103-13. Jan.15, 1992. PMID: 1309285.