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Bryan Rosner on “Benefits of Sleeping in Truck Camper Shells”


Bryan Rosner made a video called “7 Benefits of Sleeping in Truck Camper Shells for Mold Avoidance.”


From the description of the video:

1. First, rest assured, my family has never slept in a truck. I get this question a lot. I am the only one who has needed this. My family has always slept in a home (right now renting a new construction 2019 custom home). At other points in time, we have camped and my family has slept in 2019 – 2020 year model very comfortable RV’s, at campgrounds and RV parks while we have been on the road homeschooling and exploring. Just to be clear 🙂

2. I’ve had a lot of requests for this video… Here it is! Please feel free to join our mold avoidance FB group Practical Mold Avoidance. Also, don’t miss my Mold Avoidance Podcast…search your podcast app for “Bryan Rosner Mold Avoidance.”

3. One thing I forgot to mention…another drawback of a truck is that you “take your sleeping space with you” when you have to drive around, which does expose your sleeping area to more toxins. However, this has never been a big problem for me. And, “you’ve gotta sleep somewhere.” So the truck camper shell doesn’t solve ALL problems. It is simply an option that I personally “couldn’t live without.”

4. I never suggest people LIVE in a vehicle. When I sleep in my truck, it is usually in a campground or on my own private property, with the nearby support of an RV, a house, and other utilities and bathroom facilities. A truck alone is NOT sufficient (legally or logistically) for full time living. This video focuses on using a truck primarily as a “sleeping area,” not as a full-time dwelling.


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