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Bryan Rosner on “Why Is ‘Tent in the Desert’ Detox Needed To Heal?”


Bryan Rosner recorded a podcast on the topic of “Why Is ‘Tent In The Desert’ Detox Needed To Heal?”


From the description:

This phenomenon has always fascinated me! It is at the core of mold avoidance. Why does the body need the most pristine places to keep the healing process moving forward, even while supplements, sauna, dietary changes, and other detox modalities fall short? Today I will share my thoughts on this and dive a little deeper into this concept. Please note that you will need to listen to my other podcast episodes, also, to get a full picture of this phenomenon. 


From the podcast:

Each time I got more clear, it triggered a deeper level of detox.

Each time I got more clear, the waterfall of toxins would turn on in a way that it hadn’t yet before.

This is also why it’s kind of scary that the world is losing all of its pristine places with pollution and things like that.

This is the only way that I know how to get mold out of those deepest areas.

Because all of the detox that I did when I was living in worse areas didn’t work.

So it’s very scary, and people need to take advantage of the clear locations while they can, because they’re going away.

And if you do this right and you get those deepest areas detoxed, the deepest parts of the body detoxed, then you may never need to go to the pristine locations again.

Many of the most experienced mold avoiders that I know tell me that they don’t need to stay as clear to stay healthy.

And so it’s okay if there aren’t as many totally pristine locations.

And that makes sense, given the model that I just described.

Because they’re staying high enough on the power curve and detoxed enough that the body doesn’t need those super-pristine locations anymore.


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