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My Chemical-Free House on “A Mould Avoidance Sabbatical”

Corinne Segura of “My Chemical-Free House” wrote an article called “How To Conduct a Mould Avoidance Sabbatical: Using the Locations Effect to Heal.”

From the article:

Almost everyone I know with CFS/Fibro or Lyme has felt better in a “good location.” Some people will say they felt 80% better in Cayman islands or had many symptoms go away while camping in a national park or while vacationing in the Rockies or Aruba. There are many more stories on the Locations Effect Facebook group from people who have felt much better from CFS and related illnesses using this method. 

From watching this over the years, I can say that pristine outdoor air is where you get the big boost, but you still have to be as particular about the indoor air. In a good location, sometimes in a fantastic location, you may have a higher tolerance for regular housing. But not everyone is so lucky. For those who are already hypersensitive or are coming from a house that is less mouldy than most, a lot of caution has to be taken before assuming that. Something I feel that has been lacking in support groups is experience in how to choose safe housing for this experiment. Buildings the world over are moldy. The majority of trailers are moldy as well. So to step out and try this experiment is not so simple if you are not starting out with a tent. If you have MCS and or EMF sensitivity this is even more difficult.

 A few common mistakes are:

– Going to a good location but choosing a regular hotel or rental online that has not been vetted or even carefully analysed. It should never be assumed that simply choosing something that looks clean online is not mouldy. Most buildings in almost every climate are mouldy.

– Many people who are sick with these types of illnesses have travelled, whether it’s domestically or internationally, and have often felt better in a new location. That is a huge clue. However, it’s also very possible that you have travelled and not felt better anywhere else either because you were going to similar locations, bad locations, bringing your stuff, or you were choosing regular housing that was mouldy or toxic. If you don’t think the locations effect applies to you because you have travelled before, that is not enough info to go by if you have chosen regular hotels and rentals in the past.


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