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My Chemical-Free House on “What Is Hell Toxin?”


Corinne Segura of “My Chemical-Free House” published an article called “What Is Hell Toxin (HT) and How To Break, Decon and Clean It.”


From the article:

The typical reactions to this toxin are burning and other skin irritations, sometimes even resulting in what looks like burn marks. However, not everyone who is reactive to HT gets a burning feeling or tingling sensation on the skin.

Keep in mind that burning alone, does not define an HT reaction or presence of the toxin. I have seen many people over the last year panic over skin burning, itching or other irritations, who found out it was to a myriad of toxins or allergens that were not HT. Those who “simply have burning” can usually easily, or much more easily, find the cause and avoid it.

I have also seen folks mistake EMF sensitivity for HT reactivity as well. EMF sensitivity abates with the absence of the trigger and there is no physical toxin that is present that can spread. It can be confusing to figure out the difference in some cases.

The typical experience includes high ability to cross contaminate. At the mildest stage this could simply be spreading by water, instead of it washing out or improving with washing like most toxins, and having to throw out items instead of cleaning them. But in the more typical advanced reactivity stage, it is highly cross contaminating and it cannot be mistaken for something else.


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