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Bryan Rosner on “Are Cloaked Parasites The Root Cause of Chronic Diseases?”


Bryan Rosner published a blog article called “Are Cloaked Parasites The Root Cause of Mold Illness, Lyme Disease and Other Chronic Diseases?”


From the article:

This seems to be exactly what is happening. Various species of intestinal worms seem to be capable of capitalizing on the opportunity presented by the accumulation of mold toxins in biotoxin illness patients. The worms seem to be able to use this mold to form thick, impenetrable biofilm, to such an unimaginable extent that almost all anti-parasite treatments, even the strongest drugs, have very little or no effect at all in reaching the worms. 

And, even the very well-intentioned and valiant efforts of biotoxin illness physicians to remove their patients from mold exposure are sometimes inadequate to starve these parasites of their “mold fuel,” such that anti-parasite treatment is often not effective, and the presence of these parasites will remain unnoticed. As for me, I only noticed that the parasites became vulnerable to anti-parasite treatment after I pursued extended mold avoidance. Their entire presence was a mystery to me, before mold avoidance. 

It is conceivable that even small, seemingly sub-clinical exposures to mold might provide just enough raw material to the parasites to continue their entrenchment and evasion of the immune system – especially if they have already had the opportunity to establish themselves in a prior, much more moldy environment. This may explain why extreme avoidance of even tiny amounts of toxic mold may have a more pronounced effect than merely moving into a less-moldy house. 

And, even when efforts to avoid environmental mold are successful, these parasites are very reluctant to reveal themselves and leave the body, although they do tend to leave eventually if given enough time in a low-mold environment. However, using active anti-parasite treatment in the context of effective mold avoidance can greatly accelerate the process, but should only be considered if the patient is well-supported and ready to deal with the incredible amounts of toxicity that the parasites can release when in fact they are effectively killed. 


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