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Chris Kresser on “What To Do About A Tick Bite”


Chris Kresser published a new blog article on the topic of “What To Do About A Tick Bite.”


From the article:

Ticks carry many different bacteria (including Borrelia burgdorferi, which causes Lyme disease), parasites, and viruses that can cause severe acute and chronic illness in humans. Given that Lyme disease has reached epidemic levels, it’s vital that you learn ways to prevent and manage tick bite.

I’m going to teach you simple ways to decrease the risk of a tick bite and how to do tick checks, as well as the proper way to remove a tick. I will also discuss the importance of identifying types of ticks (different varieties can transmit different illnesses), as well as how and where to send a tick for testing to identify infections that it may have been carrying. With this information, you can potentially save yourself and your friends and family from Lyme disease, a serious chronic infection that can cause severe, even life-threatening, health issues.


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