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Dr. Neil Nathan on “Toxic”


Dr. Neil Nathan discussed his new book Toxic in an interview with Scott Forsgren of Better Health Guy.


Following is a list of topics discussed in the interview:

  • What is the difference between toxicity and sensitivity?
  • What is a binder? How are absorption and adsorption different?
  • How does one determine which binders to use?
  • Can binder effectiveness be maximized with a focus on the liver and gallbladder?
  • How are intracellular toxins detoxified?
  • How important are HLA-DR genetics in terms of being a predictor of illness and a predictor of treatment outcome?
  • What screening tests might be used to evaluate an environment for the possibility of mold?
  • How are urine mycotoxin tests helpful?
  • How can mold from a water-damaged building vs. mold from food consumption be differentiated in urine mycotoxin tests?
  • How often is colonization a consideration in recovering from mold illness?
  • Does treating MARCoNS make a positive shift for patients clinically?
  • How do Bartonella and Babesia differ in their symptom presentation?
  • What is provocation testing?
  • Can Bartonella be treated without antibiotics?
  • What is Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, and how is it treated?
  • How might various body systems be rebooted?
  • What is Polyvagal Theory, and what role does it play in recovery?


The interview is available in podcast as well as video formats.


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