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Dr. Jay Davidson on “Ketosis: The Lifestyle & Diet Hack”


Jay Davidson, DC, wrote an article for his blog called “Ketosis: The Lifestyle & Diet Hack for Lyme Disease and Chronic Illness.”


From the article:

We’ve been told that consuming saturated fat and cholesterol clog the arteries. This assumption is derived from that fact that the plaque in arteries walls is partly made up of cholesterol. But there’s more to it than that.

The latest research tells us that plaque formation is triggered by inflammation. When an arterial wall is damaged by inflammation, it is thought that the body uses cholesterol as a bandage on the inflammation-damaged arterial wall, resulting in plaque buildup. Chronic inflammation leads to more and more plaque build-up as the body tries to mitigate the inflammatory damage.

So, reducing inflammation is essential. Inflammation reduction may just be the most critical factor to consider when assessing and reducing heart disease risk.

Sugar consumption is extremely inflammatory. It leads to elevated insulin levels. High insulin levels trigger inflammation and promote fat accumulation. As elevated blood sugar and insulin cause excessive free radical damage and inflammation throughout the body, the risk of metabolic conditions like insulin resistance and diabetes skyrockets.


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