Paradigm Change Locations Ratings Project Expanded to Include Airports



February 6, 2020

By Lisa Petrison, Ph.D.

The Paradigm Change Locations Ratings Project now includes a section allowing individuals pursuing mold avoidance to rate how they felt when visiting different airports.

Lists of the busiest airports in the U.S., Canada and Europe are included.

Individuals pursuing mold avoidance who wish to rate airports may do so at the following link:

Rate Airports


Current average ratings by airport may be viewed at the following link:

Read Airport Ratings


The Locations Ratings Project ratings are based on a standard 5-star system: 5=Excellent, 4=Good, 3=Fair, 2=Poor, 1=Awful.


The Locations Ratings project also currently includes ratings of a large number of towns in the U.S., as well as a select group of international cities.

Locations Ratings Project


Instructions for participating in the Locations Ratings Project are at this link:

Locations Ratings Guidelines


Additional information about locations may be found on this page of the Paradigm Change website:

The Locations Effect



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