Mold Avoiders Poll Results: 2018 Worst Locations


Houston, Texas

August 1, 2018

This project was conducted in the Mold Avoiders Facebook group in May 2018.

The poll question read:

For this poll, please choose up the worst locations that you have visited since starting mold avoidance. You can choose up to FIVE locations.

Base your choices on how the locations felt to you when you were visiting them, in terms of the expected impact on your health if you had to live in those places full-time. 

Please do not base your decisions on theories of how the locations should be affecting you or on what others have reported about the locations. Base it on your own reactions only. 

You may add locations to this poll, but please be careful about typos and duplications since you will not be able to edit your responses.


A total of 61 people responded. However, seven of these stated that they had not started mold avoidance yet and three stated that they were not sure which locations had been most problematic for them.

Following are the responses for the 51 group members who had already started mold avoidance and responded to the poll question.


22% – Houston, TX (11 respondents)

18% – Miami, FL (9 respondents)

18% – San Francisco, CA (9 respondents)

16% – Dallas, TX (8 respondents)

12% – San Antonio, TX (6 respondents)

10% – Atlanta, GA (5 respondents)

10% – Boston, MA (5 respondents)

10% – Cleveland, OH (5 respondents)

10% – New York City, NY (5 respondents)

10% – Oakland, CA (5 respondents)

10% – Portland, OR (5 respondents)

10% – St. Augustine, FL (5 respondents)

8% – Ann Arbor, MI (4 respondents)

8% – Austin, TX (4 respondents)

8% – Berkeley, CA (4 respondents)

8% – New Orleans, LA (4 respondents)

8% – Seattle, WA (4 respondents)

6% – Bentonville, AR (3 respondents)

6% – Wilmington, NC (3 respondents)

4% – Bakersfield, CA (2 respondents)

4% – Bella Vista, AR (2 respondents)

4% – Durham, NC (2 respondents)

4% – Nashville, TN (2 respondents)

4% – North Bonneville, WA (2 respondents)

4% – Orlando, FL (2 respondents)

4% – Phoenix, AZ (2 respondents)

4% – Renton, WA (2 respondents)


Locations with One Mention (2% Each)

Boise, ID

Coeur d’Alene, ID

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Grand Cayman Island

Hanover, PA

Highlands Ranch, CO

Indianapolis, IN

Lebanon, IN

Kalispell, MT

Las Cruces, NM

Minneapolis, MN

Prescott Valley, AZ

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Raleigh, NC

Salt Lake City, UT

San Diego, CA

San Jose, CA

Sarasota, FL

Sierraville, CA

Silver City, NM

South Bend, IN

St. Louis, MO

Superior, AZ

Trona, CA

Truth or Consequences, NM

Twenty Nine Palms, CA

West Palm Beach, FL


A collection of additional poll results can be found on the Living Clean in a Dirty World blog.


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