Mold Avoiders Poll Results: Drinking Water


Illustration: Mother Jones/Gina Triplett.

April 5, 2018

Following are the results of two polls that were conducted about drinking water in the Mold Avoiders Facebook group in March 2018.


Part 1 – Satisfactory Water

This poll was conducted in the Mold Avoiders group in March 2018. A total of 125 people participated.

The question and most frequent responses follow.

What type of methods for treating drinking water or brands of bottled drinking water have you tried and found to be satisfactory enough with regard to how the resulting water feels/tastes that you would be somewhat or very likely to purchase/use them again in the future? 

If you already own a particular water system and would buy it again if you could go back in time, go ahead and mark that one. 

Please choose as many items as ever apply to you. 

Please feel free to add items.


41% – Fiji Water (51 repondents)

28% – San Pellegrino Water – Glass Bottles (35 respondents)

20% – Berkey Filter (25 respondents)

16% – Mountain Valley Spring Water – Glass Bottles (20 respondents)

13% – Consume bottled drinks other than water (e.g. kombucha, juice, coconut water, soda) (16 respondents)

11% – Gerolsteiner Water – Glass Bottles (14 respondents)

10% – Whole House Reverse Osmosis System (13 respondents)

8% – Perrier Water (10 respondents)

7% – Crystal Geyser Water (9 respondents)

7% – Smart Water (9 respondents)

7% – Voss Water (9 respondents)

6% – Distilled Water – Hard Plastic Bottles (7 respondents)

6% – Kangen Water (7 respondents)

5% – Arrowhead Water (6 respondents)

5% – Reverse osmosis water from groceries or other stores (6 respondents)

5% – Water straight from an artesian well (6 respondents)

4% – Aquafina Water (5 respondents)

4% – Brita Filter (5 respondents)

4% – Distilled Water – Soft Plastic Bottles (5 respondents)

4% – ZeroWater Filter (5 respondents)

3% – 365 Spring Water (4 respondents)

3% – Drink homemade juice instead of water (4 respondents)

3% – Evian Water (4 respondents)

3% – Icelandic Glacial Water (4 respondents)

3% – Starky Water – Glass Bottles (4 respondents)

3% – Volvic Water (4 respondents)

2% – Hinckley Springs Water (3 respondents)

2% – San Pellegrino Water – Plastic Bottles (3 respondents)

2% – Santevia Water Filter (3 respondents)

2% – Straight out of the tap (3 respondents)

2% – Trader Joe’s Natural Mountain Spring Water (3 respondents)

2% – I have not found any bottled waters or water treatments that have produced satisfactory drinking water (3 respondents)


Two Respondents Each (1%)

Alkaline Water

Boil water before drinking

Chippewa Spring Water

Dasani Water

Essential Alkaline Water

Mountain Valley Spring Water – Home Delivery in Glass Bottles

Nestle Pure Life Water

Ozonate water before drinking

Propur Filter


One Respondent Each (Less than 1%)

365 Deonized Water – Hard Plastic Bottle

Apec Reverse Osmosis System

Cedar Springs – Glass Bottles (Canada)

Cedar Springs – Water Home Delivery in Glass Bottles (Canada)

Cooper Spring Water (Maine)


Durastill Water Distiller

Eldorado Natural Spring Water – 1 Gallon Plastic Jugs

Eternal Artesian Water

Hydrotech Reverse Osmosis

Megahome Water Distiller

Mount Franklin Spring Water

Poland Spring Water

Resource Spring Water

Rhino Whole House Filter

Vortexed/Infrared EZ Water

Walmart Great Value Spring Water

Water from spring on property

White Water Reverse Osmosis


Part 2 – Unsatisfactory Water

This poll was conducted in the Mold Avoiders group in March 2018. A total of 44 people participated.

The question and most frequent responses follow.

Are there bottled waters or water from particular water filters that you would be extremely reluctant or totally unwilling to drink again in the future, based ONLY on your own previous experiences with them? Please mark all that qualify.

Please mark waters or water filters that you would not want to use based only on your reactions to the water, the taste of the water or your intuitive feelings about the water. Do not consider things such as cost, ethics of the company producing the water, packaging, reputation of the water, or other factors not related to your own personal experience of the water in making your judgments here.

If there are waters or water filters that you would like to add, please either write them in the comments or add them to the list.


77% – Straight out of the tap (34 respondents)

50% – Dasani Water (22 respondents)

41% – Aquafina Water (18 respondents)

39% – Distilled Water – Soft Plastic Bottles (17 respondents)

32% – Walmart Great Value Spring Water (14 respondents)

30% – Nestle Pure Life Water (13 respondents)

25% – Brita Filter (11 respondents)

16% – Distilled Water – Hard Plastic Bottles (7 respondents)

14% – Fiji Water (6 respondents)

14% – Poland Spring Water (6 respondents)

9% – Arrowhead Water (4 respondents)

9% – Evian Water (4 respondents)

9% – Perrier Water (4 respondents)

9% – Whole Foods 365 Deoinized Water – Hard Plastic Bottles (4 respondents)

7% – Alkaline Water (3 respondents)

7% – Kangen Water (3 respondents)

7% – Trader Joe’s Natural Mountain Spring Water (3 respondents)


Two Respondents Each (5%)

Reverse Osmosis Water from Groceries or Other Stores.

Smart Water.

Voss Water.

ZeroWater Filter


One Respondent Each (2%)

Berkey Filter.

Chippewa Spring Water.

Crystal Geyser Water.

Eldorado Spring Water – Plastic Jugs.

Essential Alkaline Water.

Eternal Artesian Water.

Gerolsteiner Water – Glass Bottles.

Hydrotech Reverse Osmosis.

Icelandic Glacial Water.

San Pellegrino Water – Glass Bottles.

Santevia Water Filter.

Volvic Water.

White Water Reverse Osmosis.


A collection of additional poll results can be found on the Living Clean in a Dirty World blog.


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