Christa Upton on “Why I Won’t Be Doing Brain Retraining”


March 14, 2017

Christa Upton wrote an article for her blog Black Hill Picture Books called “Why I Won’t Be Doing Brain Retraining.”

From the article:

On the other hand, there can be serious drawbacks, especially concerning Biotoxin Illness. Part of the brain re-training process usually includes desensitizing to the triggering stimuli. But, the body is trying to protect itself. Symptoms are the body’s warning system to get away. So, if one tried to desensitize to mold and ignore the warning sign the body provides, the mold can continue poisoning and even infect the person (fungal pneumonia or other fungal infection). This does not seem like a good idea at all.

I believe this is also true regarding chemicals, although less so. Chemicals do not infect, they only poison. Also small amounts of chemicals are not as dangerous overall as small amounts of mold, IMHO, mostly because mold spores replicate and are often active in producing toxins, whereas chemicals merely hang around (except in the case of combustion, which makes the chemicals more “active.”)

However, since MCS is a cumulative illness, I believe that every time a person avoids chemicals, they are saving their body the work of processing these chemicals. To circumvent this means to prolong illness overall, I believe.

So, while a person may enjoy “feeling better” at the moment, it may result in more fatigue later (which is truly impossible to measure because there is no way to know what it WOULD have been. )


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