Christa Upton on “Safer Mold Remediation”


May 1, 2017

Christa Upton wrote about “Safer Mold Remediation” on her blog Black Hills Picture Books.

From the article:

Note that my title says “safer,” not safe. This is because unfortunately, for some very sick people and/or for some very bad molds, no remediation is safe.

Some people report terrible reactions to their possessions they took from their moldy houses, even after they tried to clean the items. This is because mold in a building shoots out spores and toxins that land on everything. So some people cannot make even metal or glass items safe for themselves again. Most cannot make porous items safe again.

Now imagine all the places where mold spores and toxins could be lurking besides items: walls, floors, windows, ceilings, cupboards.

However, cleaning may help—hard scrubbing of surfaces. Painting over WILL NOT stop or even reduce risks from active mold, but if ALL mold has been removed, it’s possible painting may trap non-viable spores and toxins which had landed there. However, I do not know for sure about this—it has not been tested.


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