Christa Upton on “Homeschooling on the Road”


June 7, 2018

Christa Upton – whose family became ill as the result of a mold exposure – wrote about “Homeschooling On The Road” in her blog Black Hills Picture Books.

From the article:

Many people with mold illness (CIRS, bio-toxin illness) are finding the joys of recovery through camping and traveling. Others just love to travel or have picked RV life for fun. If you are traveling with children and would like to try homeschooling, here are some tips for you to consider:

If you have lost curricula to mold, the Home School Foundation has grants for which you can apply. Local groups such as the Salvation Army may also have programs for help with school supplies.

Many digital options are now available, including e-book textbooks, entire courses on CD-ROM, audio books, and Kindle books. Many classic books are available on amazon for free, for the Kindle app. (The Kindle app is free to download on many devices including laptops.)

If your children are very sensitive to ink like mine are, take photos of pages of ink books you have purchased and delete the photos when done. Use the computer for most if not all writing compositions.


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