Christa Upton on “What To Do If You Find Mold In Your House”


November 2, 2017

Christa Upton wrote an article called “What To Do If You Find Mold In Your House” for her blog Black Hills Picture Books. 

From the article:

Nothing about mold is easy. If you can get out (or remediate super well) before the mold triggers your body to begin reacting to chemicals also, you will have a much easier time finding new housing or recover.

Once Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) (also called Toxic Injury, Environmental Illness, other names possible) is triggered, it is a cumulative illness. It is a poisoning, not an allergy. The more chemicals you continue to be around, the sicker you may get. It is like having arsenic poisoning and continuing to eat arsenic every day.

Some come out of MCS rather easily “mostly” by getting out of mold, avoiding it, and possibly moving to a different state or country or place with lower mold and lower pollution.

Others struggle (like me) and have to work tremendously hard to avoid chemicals as well (all cleaning products except totally natural ones like vinegar, all carpets, most paints, towns because of pesticides & exhaust, crops in the country because of pesticides, etc. The list is unbelievably long.) I wash my clothes in ONLY vinegar or baking soda (alternating, leaning on baking soda when I need a scent to come out), which works amazingly well. Sometimes soaking and washing in natural peppermint tea helps my clothing and bedding.

Mold and chemical toxicity symptoms can feel exactly the same. This makes figuring out the puzzle tricky.

The easiest way is to take a sabbatical in a good location with NO possessions from the moldy house and the lowest-chemical things you can find, just enough “things” to survive. Camping in a semi-arid or arid climate often works well because it is easier to get away from mold (hidden mold in a house, even outdoor mold) and pollution. As your body begins to unmask, you may be surprised to find how much you notice bad places, pollution, and mold much more than you did before. This is a good sign, and can help you find a new place to live, although it can be hard to work around because your body is rightly “warning” you to get away, and it may be hard to find a place to “get away” to.


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