Christa Upton on “Dealing with Cross Contamination”


March 27, 2018

Christa Upton wrote about “Dealing with Cross Contamination” in an article in her blog Black Hills Picture Books. 

From the article:

We have had several major and many small chemical cross-contaminations. 

Be prepared to fight bigger contamination for about 2 months at least. But usually, it will get better.

For the major ones, here are steps we took.

Aired out by putting fan in one window blowing out. Close all other windows on that side of the house so it doesn’t come back in.  Open windows on the opposite side of the house to let in fresh replacement air. 

Threw away paper products sitting out in the open. Paper grabs stuff.  (Current roll of toilet paper, current stack of napkins on kitchen table, current rolls of paper towel sitting out.) 


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In an additional article, she discussed “8 Household Cleaning Tips.”

From the article:

Start from the top down. Dust the highest things first.  Clean higher items and work your way toward the floor.  That way any dust or whatever that falls can be swept up.

Once a month or two (or three), de-clutter. The less clutter, the easier it is to clean quickly.

If you want to clean “green,” use only baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, and essential oils. I have extremely severe toxic injury, so I don’t have a choice—I have to stick to these.  But if you try also, you will help save the environment from harsher chemicals.  And they are so safe you can literally eat them!  Except some of the essential oils.  Plus, you will burn more calories scrubbing harder.  (How about ice cream with that chocolate cake later?!)


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