Christa Upton on “My Experiences Camping in the Black Hills”


August 14, 2018

Christa Upton discussed “My Experiences Camping as a Moldie/MCSer in the Black Hills” in an article in her blog Black Hills Picture Books. 

From the article:

This place was one of my favorites.  We did stay there during a burn ban (very dry so no campfires) and off-season (September).  But I was even able to have lunch in one of the campers they rent out, which a friend was renting.  No herbicides at the time, great area, more secluded and pretty than some campgrounds.

This little campground is right on Hwy. 16, which has a good breeze which I think helps air quality.  We stayed on the west end to hopefully be on the upwind side of propane and campfires.  At that time, they did not use herbicides and purposefully let the wonderful dandelions grow!  (The bees thank them, too.)  At that time, they were not keen on children long-term (like weeks or a month), but there is not much space and nothing to do right there, so I cannot blame them.   But I enjoyed the air while I was there.


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