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My Chemical-Free House on “Homes on Wheels for the Chemically Sensitive”



Corinne Segura of “My Chemical-Free House” wrote an article called “Trailers and Tiny Homes On Wheels for the Chemically Sensitive.”

From the article:

You could have a small metal trailer custom made in the style of the Camplite or like a tiny home.

I have also seen cargo trailer custom made with metal SIPS though that is rare to find. 

The Weroll is similar to a cargo trailer but is more customized and you may be able to reduce the off-gassing with this option as well as streamline the process of converting it. Those who bought the weroll seemed to tolerate them right away. Probably due to high level of customization.

But insulating a cargo trailer is no simple project. My post on vans describes the process.


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