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Bryan Rosner on “Getting Started with Mold Avoidance”



Bryan Rosner wrote an article (available on Facebook) called “Getting Started with Mold Avoidance.”


From the article:

Many folks try mold avoidance, find that it works, and then spend a year or two in a “honeymoon” phase where they are very excited about it, researching it intensively, and sharing what they’ve learned. This sharing can be very helpful to other brand new mold avoiders just showing up on the scene.


This happened to me, too. For a couple years, I was very excited about helping people and sharing my knowledge. However, a few years down the road, mold avoidance can be so effective that people just want to move on with living their lives. People (including me) eventually want to spend a bit less time answering individual questions from new mold avoiders. This leads to a kind of vicious-cycle, where new mold avoiders don’t have access to the wisdom of experienced avoiders, because the experienced avoiders disappear. Therefore, this document is my attempt at preserving some of the things I have learned, even after I am personally less interested in discussing this stuff day-in and day-out.


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