Bryan Rosner on “Mold and Parasites”


May 4, 2018

Bryan Rosner wrote an article called “Mold and Parasites” for his blog Bryan Rosner’s Anti-Lyme Journal.

From the article:

One interesting development in the “worm treating community” (for lack of a better term!) is that it is believed that a certain kind of bacteria, called Wolbachia bacteria, live inside the worms and help them survive – help them process their food and reproduce. Doxycycline in particular is an antibiotic which can kill this bacteria, and that indirectly stunts the growth and survival of the worms. This approach may be more effective at removing these immunosuppressive worms than trying to kill them directly with anti-worm medications. The anti-worm medications (especially ivermectin and fenbendazole) are then used to aid in the process. This protocol has been named the Sharkman protocol, and seems promising.

I find it fascinating that after years of Lyme treatment, most antibiotics have no effect on me. Yet, doxycycline still has a dramatic effect on me. I’m beginning to feel that this effect is related to worm infections rather than to a specific Lyme infection.

Other anti-worm treatments can be added into the mix, such as mimosa pudica (the best brand of this is the Microbe Formulas brand). Other drugs can be used as well, including albendazole, ivermectin, fenbendazole, praziquantel, etc. And other intestinal support therapies.


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