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Bryan Rosner on “The Agony and The Ecstasy of Mold Avoidance”


Bryan Rosner wrote an article called “The Agony and the Ecstasy of Mold Avoidance” for his blog, called “Bryan Rosner’s Anti-Lyme Journal.”

From the article:

Finally, if the mold-sick person actually is fortunate enough to discover the root of their ills (mold exposure), then the next step of the process is even more demoralizing and difficult. Leaving a home, belongings, and possibly a city or community – with absolutely no support whatsoever. Now, I don’t mean that some family and friends aren’t supportive. They absolutely are! My own family and friends have been extremely supportive, for which I am eternally grateful.

That’s not what I mean by support. What I mean is, validation. When someone has cancer (and again, I am not comparing the SEVERITY of cancer with mold illness – I am just comparing the outward perception)…when someone has cancer, they get validation to soothe their soul. Yes, you’re sick. Yes, you need help. Yes, we understand that you need insurance money, meal help, community support. Yes, yes yes.

Mold avoiders get love and support, accompanied by blank stares and shrugs. Again, this just eats away at the soul. And this is in the best of cases. In the worst of cases, they get no support from family or friends, no insurance money, no financial restitution in a day and age of endless insurance on everything. Our cars are insured; our homes, our health, everything. But not for mold illness patients. They are hung out to dry.

But then something unimaginable happens. When the mold avoiders hit the road and get clear of mold and do whatever they need to do to “try out mold avoidance,” something remarkable happens.

They begin to feel better. Much better, and fast. And, they begin to self-validate. They realize, that all of those years, all of those doctors’ appointments, all of those blank stares. It actually WASN’T their fault after all! The guilt, shame, questioning, sadness, despair, all melts away into a sort of catharsis or epiphany: “This wasn’t my fault, and I’ve been mistreated and abused for decades.”

Now, hear me. I don’t mean anyone mistreated or abused us ON PURPOSE. It was simply the way the cookie crumbled; with a misunderstood disease. Imagine how people have felt in centuries past when they have legitimate diseases but are relegated to the dark corners of society with no validation or recognition. Think: Leprocy. Lepers were told they are unclean and deserve their illness.

Now, do I overstate my case? I don’t think so. Mold illness patients have never been validated in our whole lives. It is not that we seek pity, or hand-outs. Only justice.


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