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E-Trine on “Top 5 Portable Propane Water Heaters for Camping”


The blog E-Trine published an article called “The Top 5 Portable Propane Hot Water Heaters for Camping.”


From the article:

If you love camping, you probably already know how important hot water can be. Sure, you can enjoy without it too, but having a portable water heater makes the entire experience that much better. So, the best thing you can do for yourself is to get a portable propane hot water heater for camping. That way, you, and people that came with you will have access to hot water if you need it.

Of course, buying a portable propane hot water heater for camping is not quite that simple. There is a number of things you have to consider before making a purchase. These heaters are small, compact, and quite handy. Just like the usual water heaters, some of them have tanks, while other are tankless.


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