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Jay Davidson & Todd Watts on “Powerful Parasite-Killing Herbs”


Chiropractors Dr. Todd Watts and Dr. Jay Davidson wrote a Microbe Formulas blog article called “7 Powerful Parasite-Killing Herbs.”


From the article:

It would be nice if a single herbal remedy could kill all the parasites you might pick up. But, the critters are pretty cunning. Each type has specific ways to fight back against your efforts to get rid of them.

Just as certain drugs target specific pathogens, certain herbs tackle particular parasites. But herbs work naturally. They help you avoid the collateral damage that can come with prescription medicines. 

Maybe you’ve already used an herbal formula to kill parasites and Mimosa pudica seed to help purge them. But, if you have lingering symptoms from parasites, it may be time to try a new blend of herbs.   

Sometimes to outwit your opponent, you have to switch up your game. Attacking parasites from several angles with different herbs could help you outplay the critters.


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