Biotoxin Journey on “Parasites and CIRS”


April 29, 2018

Gregory Muske wrote an article called “Parasites and CIRS” for his blog Biotoxin Journey.

From the article:

For some time, I have been pursuing the parasite factor. The Internet is littered with stories of folks that got their lives back after treating parasites. Books like Dr. Simon Yu’s Accidental Cure: Extraordinary Medicine add further import to addressing parasites. In his book, Dr. Yu recounts how frequently a strong regiment of parasite meds reversed a myriad of symptoms in his patients – see Dr. Yu’s long list of articles for more information. Dr. Klinghardt has commented that treating parasites is one of the first steps of recovery as he believes in starting with the largest “bugs” and working down through the smaller ones.

At the time that I first started looking into parasites, I was too sick to travel and the thought of taking really strong anti-parasite medications was overwhelming. As such, I started looking around for other solutions.


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