My Chemical-Free House on “Camping with MCS and Mould Illness”


December 1, 2017

Corinne Segura of My Chemical-Free House wrote an article on “Camping with MCS and Mould Illness.”

From the article:

I bought a tarp for underneath to keep dew from getting the tent wet from below, and a tarp for over the tent for heavy rains. The bottom of my tent stayed nice and dry. I would take out and turn over the sleeping mat every day. If the bottom of the tent gets wet you will want to dry it in the sun within 24 hours. You can use the footprints made for underneath tents but tarps are generally cheaper (your tent may come with a footprint). You want the tarp underneath to be a little smaller and tucked in so that is is under the tent. No water should get between the two. Some people tuck it and then raise it a little with sticks or rocks so that no water gets in between.

I found regular tarps from the hardware store has a strong smell but offgassed within a few days. A silnylon tarp is more tolerable but is more expensive. This is my preferred tarp for overhead.

Some people find they still do have to move the tent every couple of days due to condensation or the earth going funky underneath. Keep a backup tent that is offgassed in case of mould or damage to your primary tent. Keep backup gear especially if you are out in the wilderness, need things to offgas before using, or cannot easily drive somewhere and buy new gear within one day.


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