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My Chemical-Free House on “Top Spots for a Location Effect Sabbatical 2019”


Corinne Segura of the blog “My Chemical-Free House” is offering an e-booklet called “Top Spots For a Location Effect Sabbatical 2019” to those who sign up for her email list.


A description of the book:

This includes the top 6 American locations in: Arizona, Nevada, California and New Mexico. These are campsites for RVs and tents (some have cabins, but not vetted) where experienced mold avoiders have found a lot of healing within the last year. Many of these locations are tried and true for many years, but I make sure I have recent reports on all of them.

The brochure covers the basic information you need to decide on which one will be best for you, including:

Location, elevation, basics on the campsite (hook ups, bathrooms etc), how spacious they are, costs, proximity to stores, WiFi and cell coverage, temperatures (and other weather related details).


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