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Chris Kresser on “Health Benefits of Green Space”

Chris Kresser wrote a blog article on “The Top Health Benefits of Green Space.”

From the article:

Through just one action, you can reduce your stress and bolster your mood, improve your cognition, strengthen your immune system, lower your risks for chronic diseases, and even increase your longevity—and it’s simple to do (and completely free). Just get outside, as much as possible.

The health benefits of having access to “green space”—from dense forests, fields, and lush parks to simple garden spaces, tree-lined streets, or a humble backyard—are well documented in scientific literature. This shouldn’t come as a surprise given that, as humans, we evolved in nature for most of our species’ existence. If we want to experience vibrant health and well-being, we need to step away from our screens and reestablish that ancestral connection. Keep reading for a look at the latest research, plus great ways to increase your exposure to the great outdoors.


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