Andrea Fabry on “How and Why I Learned To Spend Time Outdoors”


July 26, 2016

Andrea Fabry – whose whole family became very ill a decade ago from a toxic mold exposure – wrote about “How and Why I Learned to Spend Time Outdoors” on her natural-living blog It Takes Time. 

A quote from the article:

My time outdoors has been a journey. It began with a 20-30 minute walk. I had to pry myself away from my computer. When I was outside I was preoccupied with getting back to the computer.

As my journey progressed, my senses awakened.  I stopped wearing headphones and listened intently to the birds and other wildlife. I stopped wearing sunglasses (or any eyeglasses) to experience the full spectrum of light. (See Health Benefits of Natural Light.) I began to look hard at the foliage and smile at the rabbits and quail. For the first time since I was a child, I was overtaken by the beauty of everyday glimpses of nature.


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